Acapulco Weather AKA "What Clothes Should I Pack?"

Acapulco Weather   Acapulco weather is almost always sunny, hot and humid. I was tempted to put a banner from the Weather Channel on this page, but their online forecasts of the Acapulco weather are completely useless and inaccurate. Every time they forecast 5-7 degrees LOW and call for rain on every single day of the "rainy season". This page has all you really need to know about the weather for your trip, including what clothes you should pack for the city's tropical climate.

Acapulco Climate - Temperatures

Dry Season (November - April): 86-90 F (30-32 C), moderate humidity (10 F cooler at night)

Rainy Season (May - October): 88-93 F (31-34 C), high humidity, rain 0 to 3 times per week

Clothes You Should Pack for Your Trip

• Short-sleeve shirts and shorts for during the day
• Short-sleeve shirts and jeans for the bars at night
• Nicer pants and short-sleeve shirts for the nightlife
• A bathing suit for the beaches
• Sandals for the day and nice shoes for going out at night
• Socks and underpants/panties are optional

Ladies, I'm no expert, but I see a lot of shorts with tank tops, skirts, and short dresses. The 'sexy and exotic' look seems to go over very well here, especially in the discos ;-)

The same applies to both the rainy and dry seasons. The only difference is that you should pack a small umbrella if you plan to come during the rainy season.