Extended Vacations in Acapulco and Tips for Expatriates

Thinking about an extended vacation in Acapulco, or becoming an expatriate in Mexico?

Tourists can get a 90 day permit to stay in Mexico, which you can extend to 180 days by visiting immigration and paying US$20. You need to exit the country before the permit expires, but then you can re-enter and get another permit. Of course, to work here you need a special permit which is not easy to obtain without a sponsor. But if you have the money saved to stay here awhile, you can stretch your dollar quite far AND enjoy the luxury of living in a beautiful resort city. A sample budget for living cheaply but comfortably in Acapulco is provided below. Remember to save some funds for the trip home every six months (see cheap flights) and for emergencies.

Sample Budget in Acapulco (monthly, in US$)

  • Rent (2 BR Apt) - $400-$600
  • Utilities - $50-$100
  • Cellphone - $20-$40
  • Food (groceries) - $100
  • Food (restaurants) - $200-$300
  • Necessities - $50-$100
  • Transportation - $50-$150
  • Miscellaneous - $50-$100
  • Clubs & Entertainment (up to you)
  • Cable & Internet (optional) - $50-$70

As you can see, you could live in Acapulco quite comfortably for as low as US$1,000 per month, but if you want to really enjoy yourself you will probably spend closer to US$2,000 per month - not bad for living the good life! You can use our guide to find homes, condos, apartments for rent, and inexpensive places to eat before you explore on your own. If you are able to take the time away from your job, or are thinking about taking a "sabbatical", give it some serious thought. You may join the growing community of expatriates who come here for vacation and never leave.

Information and Resources for Expatriates

Embassy Information for Acapulco - directory of telephone numbers for the foreign embassies located in Acapulco.

Emergency Numbers for Acapulco - phone numbers for local hospitals, police, fire stations, etc.

Acapulco Government Offices - telephone directory for selected local government agencies including customs, immigration, tourism, etc.

Embassy World - directory & search engine of the world's embassies & consulates.

CDC Travelers' Health - health information for travelers to Mexico and Central America including recommended vaccines, prevention of infectious diseases, and safety tips.

Solutions Abroad - resources for expatriates in Mexico including relocation, social, and business services.

Security Corner Mexico - a monthly column written by a retired US Embassy and United Nations employee about safety and crime prevention issues facing Mexico.

Jobs in Acapulco

Due to the difficulty of getting a work permit in Mexico and the low wages in Acapulco, expatriates may have a tough time finding jobs in the city. Any employment opportunities I come across will be posted on the Acapulco Jobs page.

Internet Access in Acapulco

Internet Access in Mexico: You can get cable Internet access from Acapulco's cable monopoly at Telecable. The connection goes down several times a week, but it works most of the time.

You can also get ADSL Internet through Prodigy/Telmex, but you will need to get a phone line installed at your residence, which is very expensive. Plus, Telmex has the absolute worst customer service, so you will probably have to go weeks at a time without Internet access if you use Prodigy Infinitum DSL in Mexico.

If you don't need daily Internet access, there are plenty of Internet cafés all over the city.

Cell Phones in Mexico

Cell Phones: Quick reviews of cell phone companies serving the Acapulco area.

More Vacations in Mexico

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