Tips for Getting Around the City (Cheaply)

The information on this page is quite useful for first-time tourists to Acapulco. It includes photos and reviews of the various types of local transportation, along with a price guide. The taxis and buses may not be very comfortable, but they are generally safe to use.

Pedestrians should understand the "Right of Way" in Mexico. The rule of thumb is that the larger object (vehicle or human) always has the right of way. If you get run over by a truck, it's your own stupid fault, and to add insult to injury, the driver will let you know this as he peels you off his front fender. So be careful when you are crossing the street.

Blue Taxis

There are about as many VW taxis in the city as there are other cars, and you can get one on the main street (La Costera) at any hour of the day or night. Always agree on the price before entering the taxi because the driver will almost always try to charge you more if you are a gringo. For most trips during the daytime you should pay 25 pesos (US$2.25). At night it will be 30 pesos. To Palladium in Las Brisas, you will probably pay 40 pesos getting there and 50-60 getting home (gotcha !).

  Blue VW Taxis

Yellow and White Taxis

The photo to your right is of a "colectivo" taxi, which is normally yellow and white (or green and silver in Zocalo and to the north). They travel back and forth along La Costera and always cost 10 pesos per person. If you want to travel really far, you might have to take two or pay another 10 pesos (for example, from the Golden Zone to Playa Revolcadero or Pie de la Cuesta). It's very cozy - they will cram 3 people in the back seat and 2 people in the front bucket seat.


Tourist Taxis

These are blue and white (non-VW) taxis that prowl the streets for tourists. They are often air-conditioned and are more comfortable than the Volkswagens. However, prices typically start at 50 pesos, and they may even ask for 100 pesos if you look vulnerable. You will find most of these around the discos and the Golden Zone.

  Tourist Taxi


A bus ride anywhere within the city costs 4.5 pesos. Look for the blue and white buses with the words "Costera" on the side. The rides are quite bumpy, hot, and can get a little crowded - try to get a seat away from the sun. There are other blue-and-white, non-Costera buses which sport elaborate air-brushings, but these often take detours or drive painfully slow. The buses usually run until 10:00 pm and sometimes 11:00 pm.

  Costera Bus

Air Conditioned Buses

These are the beige or yellow buses that travel along La Costera. They cost 5.5 pesos but are harder to find that the normal ones. I would normally recommend these, but quite often the AC is broken and/or they are too crowded, which creates an environment similar to an oven because the windows are closed. If you want to play it safe, take a quick peek inside and see if you can feel the air conditioning. If not, make a speedy retreat.

  AC Bus

Horse & Buggy

I have to confess that I haven't taken a horse and carriage ride. I'm not sure if the reason is because I am cheap or that I feel sorry for the overworked and underfed horses. I think that rides are pretty expensive for Mexico (US$20 for ~30 minutes), but prices may vary (let me know if you had a different experience).

The buggies are lined with balloons which look cool and help prevent taxis from crashing into the carriages.

  Horse & Carriage

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