Good Travel Books about Mexico and for Learning Spanish

Here is a short list of recommended travel books about Mexico and books and CD-ROMs for learning enough of the Spanish language to get by on your vacation in Mexico.

Travel Guides for Acapulco and Mexico

Mike Oliver's Acapulco - Mike Oliver was a publisher, journalist, columnist and photographer for thirty of the forty years that the Acapulco News was published. His book is packed with tales of Acapulco throughout the city's history, including many interesting happenings with celebrities and royalty.

The People's Guide to Mexico - In my opinion, this is the best travel guide to Mexico and is quite entertaining as well! Written by true adventurers.

Learning Spanish

Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe - (CD-ROM series) If you want to make the effort to learn a little Spanish before your trip, this will do the trick and will help you negotiate better deals with vendors and taxis. Plus, people will genuinely appreciate your efforts.

Spanish Pocket Dictionaries

Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary Spanish: Spanish-English/English-Spanish - A handy pocket dictionary is well worth the investment. Many people you will run into will speak a little English, but it is nice to have this as a backup.

Langenscheidt's Pocket French Dictionary: Spanish-French/French-Spanish - Same as above, but in French.

Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary German: Spanish-German/German-Spanish - Same as above, but in German.

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