Acapulco Gyms

Many of the hotels in Acapulco have tiny fitness centers with a couple of exercise bikes, but if you need/like to work out, the city also has several decent (but non-air conditioned) gyms. Working out in the heat can be brutal, but there is nothing more effective for sweating out the drinks from the night before. . .

Body and Fitness Gym

There are two gyms with the name "Body and Fitness" in Acapulco, but they are unrelated.

Body and Fitness - Centro: located just west of Park Papagayo and behind the "Bodega Gigante" supermarket at Hornos Beach (Tel 486-3554). It costs around US$3 per day or US$25 per month. The gym has a a good selection of exercise machines, several sets of dumbells (to 90 lbs) and free weights, two squat racks and two hip-sleds. Their selection of aerobic machines is not too good - this is a better gym for weight training. Personal trainers are available. Ask for the owner "Victor Hugo" and call him a wimp to his face.

Body and Fitness - Costa Azul: located just east (one block) of the Convention Center in Costa Azul, up the street from the "Yuca" restaurant. The price is around US$4 per day or US$30 per month. This gym doesn't have as much exercise equipment as the other, but they have a room with spinning bikes and they have aerobics classes and Taekwondo lessons. Both gyms are closed on Sundays.

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