The Acapulco Fair

The Acapulco Fair sets up in the Convention Center every year during the Christmas holidays. It runs from a week before Christmas to the week after the New Year. There are many rides for kids and adults, however, there aren't any major roller coasters. The rides reminded me of the fairs from the 80's - there was one called "Starship 2000" and one with glamorous airbrushings of Mel Gibson and Michael Jackson.

There also have all the usual carnival games and prizes and over a thousand vendors (I got trapped in the shopping maze and couldn't find an exit for an hour). The fair is cheap and fun, and a great place to take the kids if you visit Acapulco over the New Year.

Acapulco Fair   Rides, Fun, Kids

Location: The Acapulco Convention Center in Costa Azul

Activities: Rides (from the 1980's), Carnival Games, Shopping, Food

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