Sergio Pilati Muebles - Furniture Store in Acapulco

Seldom do I make a web page out of spite, but my experiences with Sergio Pilati Muebles have been so terrible that I decided that they deserved a mention here so that other people do not buy any furniture at this store in Acapulco. Note: Sergio Pilati also has stores in Cancun and Mexico City, so you may want to avoid them too.

Basically, the people who manage and "work" at the this furniture store will repeatedly lie to you in order to make a sale or to just get you off the phone and avoid doing their job. They have absolutely no communication with the manufacturing plant, so if they promise you a delivery date just forget about it - a year later your furniture might miraculously appear. And if it does eventually show up, rest assured that it will have defects... and you will be so annoyed with the situation that you will just accept it because you never want to deal with these people again.

Bottom Line: Do NOT shop here under any circumstances. If you want beautiful furniture with professional service, go to "Espacios", which is a huge furniture store located near the Mayan Palace.

Location: I am not even going to identify their location because you should not be looking for them in the first place.

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