Fermin's, Hassle-Free Souvenir Shopping in Acapulco

When I was shopping for sombreros, I was rather dismayed at the prices that the vendors were asking for. After all, I am a gringo which means that it's necessary to engage in the traditional bargaining battle of wits, which I usually lose. I was very happy to finally come across a shop run by a gentleman named Fermin. I aksed him the price of a sombrero and he quoted me a price around half of all the others, which ended up being an excellent deal for a quality souvenir.

I would recommend trying a few other shops first, and then visiting his shop before making your purchase so you can find out for yourself just how good his prices are. His shop has an excellent selection of Mexican blankets, t-shirts, jewelry, souvenirs, and gifts. Make sure you ask for Fermin (I do not share the same level of trust for his "friends" in the shops close to his. . . wink wink, nudge nudge). For added assurance, tell him "El Chivo sent me". If he doesn't give you a good and honest price, write me and tell me.

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Location: La Diana - if you are coming from the beach, cross La Costera to the right of the La Diana statue and fountain. His is the last shop on the right. Ask for Fermin.

Gifts and Souvenirs: Mexican sombreros of all sizes and colors, unique jewelry, t-shirts, Mexican blankets, ponchos, and more.

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