The Mexican Loncheria

The Mexican loncheria is usually a small, open-air restaurant run by a cook and a food server (one of which is usually the owner). You can find them everywhere in Acapulco if you venture off the Costera. Many loncherias only serve the "comida corrida" (fast food), and you will get to choose between one and four different dishes. If you arrive after 2:00 pm, you may have fewer choices - sometimes they even run out of food altogether. They will have traditional Mexican food at very reasonable prices (US$2 to US$3) and meals will come with tortillas, beans, rice, salsa, and sometimes a drink.

Is the Food Safe in Mexico?

Generally, the food and beverages at traditional Mexican restaurants such as loncherias are safe. I have eaten at loncherias every day for the past year and have only been mildy ill twice, and it may not have been from eating at a restaurant. I also drink their fruit flavored water every day - if you are worried, you can always order a bottled beverage.

Loncheria   Mexican Food

Locations: Everywhere OFF the main strip. Just look for people sitting and eating. There is a loncheria (and a convenience store) on nearly every block of Acapulco. The restaurants usually close at around 4:00 pm, sometimes earlier.

Traditional Mexican Dishes

  • pollo - chicken in a variety of salsas
  • mole de pollo - chicken in red or green mole sauce
  • pollo adobado - tasty marinated chicken
  • barbacoa de pollo or de res - barbequed chicken or beef
  • estofado de res or de pollo - beef of chicken with potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes
  • tinga de pollo or de res - diced chicken or beef with spices
  • bistek - a piece of beef pounded flatter than a pancake and then fried
  • bistek a la Mexicana - shredded beef with tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños
  • caldo de res - beef stew, my current favorite
  • puntas de res - cubed beef in spices
  • carne desebrada - shredded beef in a spicy sauce
  • carne de puerco - roasted pork in salsa
  • carnitas - chunks of pork fried in lard
  • tacos con consomé - more like taquitos with chicken broth on the side
  • salpicon - beef and eggs, with a somewhat strange flavor
  • quesadillas - you should know what these are
  • chilaquiles - sort of like nachos, but thicker
  • pozole - chicken stew with popcorn-like pieces of corn (served on Thursdays)
  • pescado - fried fish, usually whole, soemtimes costs more
  • ceviche - a delicious cold fish dish with onions, chiles, tomatoes, cilantro (uncommon, but order this if you get the chance)

More Traditional Mexican Food - for Strong Stomachs

  • menudo - tripe stew
  • pancita - a variation of menudo, in a red sauce
  • chicharrónes - fried pork skins

Mexican Beverages

  • jugo de papaya - fresh papaya juice
  • agua orchata - delicious, sweet rice water
  • agua jamaica - somewhat tart, good for the kidneys
  • agua tamarindo - water from the tamarind root, I'm not a fan
  • and more - there are flavored waters and juices from almost every type of fruit


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