Ice Cream in Mexico

Eating ice cream is a good way to cool off from the tropical heat in Mexico, especially in Guerrero. During the daytime, you are sure to see many ice cream vendors on the streets. There are also many ice cream parlors, but these are pretty much like those in the US, Canada, and Europe. From the street vendors, my favorite flavors are "coco" (which translates to coconut, NOT chocolate) and "platano" (banana). The ice cream seems safe, especially if you go to a vendor who has many people around him devouring his ice cream.

If you want to try the best ice cream you will need to either make a trip to Tepoztlan, Mexico (their trademarked "Tepoznieves" is better than Ben & Jerry's) or get your ice cream from a street vendor. Look for the carts like in the photos below (with the round, metal ice cream barrel). A "vaso" (cup) of ice cream costs 5 pesos (US$0.50). My friend Zenaido (in the photos) is usually stationed in front of the Montessori School in Costa Azul.

Ice Cream, Mexico   Flavors, Coco

Locations: Every Other Street Corner in Mexico (before 6:00 pm)

Flavors: Coconut, Banana, Lime, Rompope (eggnog), Strawberry, Chocolate, More