Reviews of Moderately Priced Restaurants in Acapulco

La Tortuga: Located a half block off La Costera behind Office Max. An open air restaurant that feels like dining in a jungle. The food is typical Mexican in addition to seafood & steaks. Need4speednj from our forum recommends the garlic shrimp, avocado salad, chicken fajitas, the filet of fish, and coconut ice cream with Kaluha. Great service and great prices !

Jimmy's: Located behind Baby-O along "La Costera", they have the best "pozole", a traditional Mexican dish served on Thursdays. Pozole is a type of corn stew with chicken or pork. . . except that the corn looks like popcorn. It's quite good and cheap, but heavy.

El Cabrito: "The Little Goat". Meat lovers will enjoy this restaurant, which serves traditional Mexican dishes. Located between Planet Hollywood and SuperGigante near Costa Azul. The goat is a little tough, but the Tequila Shrimp and the "Birria" (spicy meat stew) are tasty.

Pipo's: Serves a wide variety of yummy seafood dishes, but is somewhat expensive and it closes very early for a restaurant in Acapulco (doors close around 10:00 pm). Located in between "El Cabrito" and SuperGigante across from the convention center.

El Zorrito: Open air authentic Mexican restaurant on La Costera. Try their traditional Mexican dish pozole (special corn stew with chicken or pork) or menudo (intestine soup). Open late on weekend nights (thanks, Lala!).

Forza Italia: Reasonably priced, authentic Italian food with a good selection of entres and appetizers. Located on La Costera near the Office Max.

Las Gaoneras: Delicious Spanish food catering to carnivores, the restaurant has a bullfighting theme and decor. Not too far from the Cinemark movie theater on La Costera.

Familiar Restaurants

Hard Rock Cafe: Acapulco also has its own Hard Rock Cafe, located on the Costera near Costa Azul.

Planet Hollywood: Located on the Costera near Costa Azul. They were going to outfit me as the Terminator for the premier of Terminator 3, but they didn't like my beard. . .

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