Apartments for Rent in Acapulco

Apartments, for Rent, Acapulco  

This section of our real estate guide provides tips and information for renting an apartment in Acapulco. There are many apartments for rent in the city at reasonable prices, but they are often more difficult to find (and more expensive) during the prime vacation / holiday season from December through April. If you are thinking about taking an extended vacation or becoming an expatriate in Mexico and are on a budget, this is the way to go.

Lease terms are normally for three to six months - and in general you will get a better price for a longer term. Sometimes you will be asked to pay the entire amount up-front (plus a deposit equal to one-month's rent), but this is usually negotiable.

The important thing to remember is to use a TRUSTED agent and NOT someone you meet on the street. I have a few horror stories for which I will spare you the details - the end result is that as a tourist you will end up paying two to four times the "Mexican price". Be especially wary of any "guides" you meet along the Costera wearing blue shirts.

When searching for a place to live, the words for "apartment" and "condo" are often interchangeable in Mexico. Consequently, for more listings of rental property you should also visit our section for Acapulco condos for rent.

We have temporarily suspended our listings of apartments and condos for rent in Acapulco.