The Acapulco Nightlife

Acapulco has an amazing nightlife. On Fridays and Saturdays year-round, and every night on spring break, the city is alive with flashing lights and music pumping out of every establishment along the main strip and in Las Brisas. For spring-breakers, the beaches and nightlife are probably the main attractions, though there are many other things to do if you read the other sections of this site. This section mainly focuses on discos and bars and includes reviews for the most popular night clubs and some of my personal favorites.

For a guide to the best discos in Acapulco, see ACAPULCO DISCOS.

  Palladium Acapulco

Acapulco Discos: Acapulco has some of the best discos in the world. Hit one of these on Saturday nights, and Friday nights as well during spring break, but don't expect to go to sleep until 6:00 am. Most discos cost around the same to enter (US$30-35 for men, US$25-30 for women). Sounds expensive? Well, get ready for some good news because the price includes ALL YOU CAN DRINK (see the reviews for exceptions). Most discos open at 11:00 pm and close at around 6:00 am. During spring break, the most popular nightclubs have HUGE lines (well, more of a seething mass). If you find yourself in one of these masses, you should consider trying a different disco because you will wait a long time outside, and the bars will be too crowded to get served inside.

Acapulco Nightlife  

For a guide to the best bars in Acapulco, see ACAPULCO BARS.

Acapulco Bars: With a few exceptions, the bars in Acapulco are fairly similar to those found elsewhere in the world. First, there is not much live music (see the reviews for exceptions). Second, spontaneous displays of dancing often erupt in the middle of the bar, and occasionally on top of the bar. Along the "Costera", most bars are open-air and you can go bar hopping quite easily. You should consider going to bars frequented by the local population because you can party with your fellow gringos any day at home.

If your ideal night life in Mexico involves embarking on more illicit adventures, you might want to check out the Things to Avoid section to keep yourself out of trouble.