Tepoztlan, Mexico

Tepoztlan, Mexico  

Tepoztlan, located in the state of Morelos, is an excellent destination to relax and to absorb the country's culture. One of the primary attractions is a fun (but long) hiking trail to the Tepozteco Pyramid on the mountain. Plan on at least an hour going up and a half hour coming down - double that if you are a slow hiker. The hiking trail is somewhat dangerous, and there is a VERY tricky and hazardous obstacle at the end, so be forewarned (especially if you are afraid of heights).

Tepoztlan also has a sizable marketplace to buy souvenirs and to enjoy some very authentic Mexican food. I really enjoyed this town and area and hope to visit again soon.

Tepoznieves, Ice Cream of the Gods

Tepoztlan is famous for its gourmet ice cream called Tepoznieves ("nieves" means "ice cream" and you can figure out the other half) and trademarked "Ice Cream of Gods", which is not an overstatement. I consider myself an ice cream aficionado (or at least a gourmand) and will tell you that this is at least the best ice cream in North and Latin America, and quite possibly the world. The only problem is that it doesn't travel very well, so you need to visit Tepoztlan to get some. To at least feed your imagination, here are some of their more exotic flavors: Moon's Lullaby, Mermaid's Song, Thousand Flowers, Love's Prayer, Rose Petals, Queen of the Night, Temple of Silence, and my favorite, Symphony of the Sea. It's no wonder that Tepoztlan is a very green village and a favorite destination for "hippies" ;¬)

Getting to Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan does not have an airport, however, it's short bus ride from Cuernavaca.

Directory of Tepoztlan Hotels

These sites provide a few hotel listings, but reservations could be difficult. You may be better off finding accommodations in Cuernavaca and planning a day trip to Tepoztlan.

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