Acapulco Map - Key to the City

Acapulco Map Locations

The Acapulco map above is published by the Acapulco Conventions and Visitors' Bureau.

For a detailed street map of the city, here is the best map of Acapulco at The map includes neighborhoods and key attractions, buildings and places of interest in the city of Acapulco. For maps of other cities and states in Mexico, visit our maps of Mexico.

This is a good intersection to be familar with in Acapulco. This is the Costera (the main coastal road - see the map above) in front of La Gran Plaza (the largest shopping mall).

This photo has signs to many of the locations referenced on this site, for use as directions or a reference point for your location. Driving along the Costera from here, you will hit the following places in sequence: La Diana, La Condesa, Costa Azul, Las Brisas, Puerto Marques, Revolcadero Beach and the airport.
  Acapulco Map Directions

Main Zones on a Map of Acapulco

Here is a very quick overview of the main zones on a map of Acapulco, which I frequently make reference to throughout this site:

The Golden Zone:* center of the tourist zone and nightlife with many hotels and bars
Las Brisas: movie star homes, fabulous discos, and fine dining in the hills of Acapulco
Caleta: center of historic Acapulco, home of the legendary "Clavadistas" (cliff divers)
The Diamond Zone: the "new" Acapulco, with many luxury resorts and condominiums
Pie de la Cuesta: tranquil beach and lagoon west of town with awesome sunsets
Costa Azul: residential neighborhood just off the Costera, with conveniences and clubs

*includes the main street La Costera and it's center, La Condesa (by the La Diana fountain)