The Original El Azteca vs. Imposters

In light of numerous imposters copying Benji's show in other parts of the world, I would like to include the following information about the real, original El Azteca in Acapulco. If you are on Facebook, you can also find out further information about the Silver Man and his shows.

The Real Devil Only Dances In Acapulco (from Facebook)

Remember, if you want to dance with The Real Devil go to Acapulco. The Devil performs his show at Palladium Nightclub around 4 a.m.

Due to the success and creativity behind his show many other nightclubs and people have tried to re-create this show at their venues. Don't be fooled. You are not dancing with The Devil.

Benji started this routine at Palladium and it has become a staple of Acapulco nightlife. Occasionally other clubs will book him, and he may perform outside Palladium or Mexico for that matter. When that happens, you will be notified about his travel.

As well, Benji is on facebook. His name appears as "Benji deAcapulco" and he lets his friends know where he will be and when.

So the next time you dance with the devil, you better be in Acapulco. He's not in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo.

To support the cause, join the group: The Real Devil Dances In Acapulco

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