The Acapulco Insider, Issue #03: "The High Season"


The high season in Acapulco is normally considered to be between November 15 and April 15, but the city really gets busy during March and the first half of April because of spring break and the Easter holidays. This issue will give you an overview of what goes on during the high season. If you don't have time to read the whole issue, the quick and dirty answer is. . . partying!

I feel like I am still recovering from the high season and playing catch-up on work, but one thing for certain is that this issue of the Acapulco Insider is LONG overdue. I also moved into an awesome condo on the beach and launched the real estate section of the site, so I have not been entirely lazy.

Valentines Day in Mexico

Valentines Day is big here. Yes, I know that V-Day is too commercialized, plays on your guilt, and is reserved for snuggly couples. But Valentines Day in Mexico has no sign of slowing down. The valentines themselves are often handmade and look like they are on steroids (see exhibit at right). And it seems like everyone that you talk to has an epic story about a valentine in their past. In the evening, dinner and dancing are obligatory. Tip: Make a reservation a week in advance.


Easter in Acapulco

The week of the Easter holidays, or "La Semana Santa", is the busiest week in Acapulco. It is on the tail end of spring break, and the city is one non-stop fiesta with visitors from all over Mexico, especially from Mexico City. The discos and bars are packed solid, even the ones that are usually empty, so be prepared for some close quarters and a few frustrating moments. But it is a FUN time to be in Acapulco! Don't forget to hit the beach on Sunday.

Spring Break 2004

If you've been on a spring break in Florida or Cancun, you basically know what to expect. Basically every club you go to is overflowing with spring breakers. In Acapulco, spring break lasts for around 6 weeks, with the 3rd and 4th weeks being the busiest (and craziest). It really doesn't seem to matter where you go to because when there are over a thousand people chugging drinks in a club, it begins to lose its distinctive personality. Depending on your ideal vacation in Acapulco, this will sound like either the best or worst time to visit the city, so plan your trip accordingly. If you are in school and want to join the festivities, you can read more about spring break in Acapulco and sign up for next year!

Diego Rivera in Acapulco

Diego Rivera, Mural  

Okay, it's time for a brief history lesson.
Diego Rivera (the famous Mexican artist, twice married to Frida Kahlo) spent the last two years of his life in Acapulco. In 1956 he completed and 18 month project - a mural on the side of the house where he was living, made with colorful tiles, stones and shells.

This was one of his last works of art, and you can see it for yourself as part of the historical tour.

This Issue's Random Expedition

I had a few run-ins with nefarious characters the past few months. Instead of backing down, I thought I'd try my hand at being macho, even when considering my limited command of the Spanish language. Well, it worked like a charm with a security guard in my building who tried to extort money from me "for my condo's protection" (he no longer works here). But it didn't work so well with an ex-landlord who stole my deposit. After a shouting match outside my gym, I was informed that he is a very well-connected "narco" and that I could disappear. These were some of my only negative experiences here in over a year, but I thought that they were important experiences to share with those considering taking extended vacations in Acapulco. At times it feels like the wild west here, so do be careful.