Aristos Parador Acapulco

Aristos Parador Acapulco  

Aristos Parador Acapulco is located in Caleta on the Las Playas peninsula in historic Acapulco. The hotel is five blocks from the beach, six blocks from the bullfight arena (bullfights are on Sundays from November through March), and close to the Yacht Club. Despite the photo to your left, the property is rather large and has 188 rooms.

If you stay at the Aristos Parador other or hotels in this area of Acapulco, you will probably experience a different kind of vacation than if you stay at a hotel on the main strip. For example, this area of town has more history and is more tranquil, but it would not make a good home base for spring breakers.

Amenities: Balconies with views of the bay, tennis, a pool, two restaurants (Mexican and International cuisines), shops, and cable TV.

Location: near La Quebrada, Caleta Beach, the Yacht Club and Bullfight Arena.

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