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As a foreigner without a work permit, finding a job in Acapulco can be a difficult task. Even if you live here, it is nearly impossible unless you have made the right contacts. To bridge the gap and to bring special skills to Acapulco, we are working on providing free job listings for companies seeking to hire foreigners to work in Acapulco. I expect that the majority of jobs will be teaching English, translation, and tourism-related positions.

No job postings at this time.

If your company or organization is looking to hire employees or English teachers from outside Acapulco, contact Travel Acapulco today for a free job listing in our Acapulco jobs directory.

Working in Acapulco

Working in Acapulco (legally) is very difficult for foreigners, and the pay is usually on par with Mexican wages (US$10 to $15 per day). Based on conversations I have had with non-Mexican citizens who come here looking for jobs at hotels, bars, and restaurants, my advice is to work in your home country and save up money to enjoy an extended vacation in Acapulco. Repeat as desired.

English Classes

Cambridge EFL: is an excellent source for finding English language courses in Cambridge, England.

Cambridge Host Family: is an organization based in Cambridge that helps students find host families providing accommodation. Visit England in a safe environment, and study English in an immersive and enjoyable manner.

Spanish Language Classes

Britt Servicios Linguisticos: offers Spanish (and basic English) language classes as well as TOEFL testing & preparation. Private classes are available. They are based in Acapulco, so you can enjoy the city and learn Spanish at the same time! Visit their website below:
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