Cable Internet in Acapulco at Telecable

Internet access is available in Acapulco, Mexico through the telephone company (Telmex) or the cable company (Telecable). At Telecable, your first month including installation will cost between US$70 and US$100. Subsequent months will be around US$60-70 for basic cable TV (includes many movie channels in various languages) and a cable Internet connection, which is semi reliable. On average, the entire city of Acapulco will lose Internet connectivity twice a week for 3 to 6 hours at a time. Quality steadily deteriorated in 2004 and 2005; I am not sure what has happened since then.

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Don't bother listening to their pitch about specials - they aren't true. They charged me more each time I paid my bill in 2003 and 2004. And while their main office has the level of customer service you would expect from a monopoly, the service has improved in 2005. Additionally, their cable installation teams are excellent, friendly, and quick.

Location: The main office of TeleCable is located one block northwest of La Gran Plaza in a big blue and brown building, one block back from the Costera.

Prodigy Infinitum ADSL Internet in Mexico

The Mexican telephone monopoly Telmex provides ADSL Internet access in Mexico using the brand Prodigy Infinitum. Based on my experiences with Prodigy, you won't lose your DSL signal too often. However, the Telmex technical support department is completely unresponsive, so you will probably be without Internet access for weeks at a time.

The first time I lost my DSL Internet connnection with Prodigy/Telmex, I had to call more than 20 times over a period of 2 excruciatingly frustrating weeks, explaining my situation every time. Finally, one of their brighter technicians said, "Oh, I see the problem", flipped a switch, and restored my Internet. I would have changed my ISP (Internet Service Provider) to Telecable at that time, but unfortunately my condo only has access to Prodigy Infinitum.

My second major Internet outage with Prodigy's ADSL lasted only 9 days, but again I had to keep calling to remind them to work on my case. They promise to send a technician or fix your problem within 48-72 hours, but this is an outright lie. Their technical support policy seems to be "Do nothing until the problem (the customer) goes away". Luckily for them, Telmex is a monopoly in Mexico and customer service is unnecessary.

Telmex Technical Support for Internet Problems in Mexico

There are two things you can do to fix your Internet problem more quickly. Since ~50% of Internet problems in Mexico seem to be modem-related, the first solution is to simply exchange your modem for a new one (replacement modems are free at the Telmex / Prodigy offices, or you can buy one).

The second solution is to BEG Telmex repeatedly to send a technician to your home. While the Telmex technical support representative that you speak with on the telephone probably won't do anything helpful, the actual technicians that they send to your home are usually professional, fast, and very knowledgeable.

Hopefully in the near future there will be more options for reliable Internet access in Mexico backed by responsive customer service. Until then, cable Internet via Telecable and ADSL via Prodigy Infinitum (Telmex) are probably your best bet, at least in Acapulco.

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