Palladium Acapulco

Palladium is one of the most famous and popular discos in Acapulco. . . actually, in all of Mexico. . . actually, in all the world. The atmosphere, service, and view are all excellent.

Stick around for the silver fire dancer at 4:00 am. During spring break and on holidays Palladium draws a huge crowd, so you may wait a long time to get in and get served.

Palladium, Acapulco   Silver Fire Dancer

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Interview with the Silver Man

Location: Las Brisas

Best Night(s): Saturday, Thursday & Tuesday (ladies night)

Music: Techno, Various Dance

Layout: Tables, Open Areas, Good for Meeting People

Show: Dancers, Intense Silver Man (4:00 am)

View: Spectacular

Age Range: Mainly 20's & 30's

Cover Charge: US$28 (ladies) US$38 (gentlemen)

Includes Drinks: Yes


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