The Best Acapulco Discos and Night Clubs

My guide to the best Acapulco discos contains a brief review of the most popular discos in Acapulco, along with some of my personal favorites. Every taxi driver should be familiar with all of these night clubs by name. I will also eventually add them to the Acapulco Map. Note: The primary factor in my ratings is the club's "potential for fun" (not its "exclusivity").

Palladium: The center of the Acapulco nightlife and the biggest and best nightclub, if you want to follow the crowd. The amazing view, good music, friendly bar staff, a decent layout to meet new people, and a mind-blowing show at 4:00 am make it my top-rated disco in Acapulco. But during spring break and on holidays, you may wait a long time to get in and get served. Located in Las Brisas.

Mandara (formerly Enigma): Located in Las Brisas next to Palladium, next door (literally) to Siboney, and under the after-hours bar Privado, Mandara is an elegant night club with a beautiful view of the bay. It is a good place to take a date and to be seen with the social elite from Acapulco. Go here on Fridays, and hit Palladium on Saturdays and/or Thursdays.

El Alebrije: A humongous and popular disco, but also the youngest crowd (average age of 18-20). The stadium seating is not very conducive to meeting new people and the bartenders are absolutely terrible, but the waiters are good and the music is great. . .

Baby'O: The best disco in Acapulco for the social elite of Mexico. Baby'O is smaller than most others, has an all ages crowd, and is a first class establishment. However, space and seating is limited, it's a bit difficult to meet new people, and it costs US$30-60 to enter NOT including drinks. If exclusivity is your preference, this is the place to go.

Ninas: Salsa club with live entertainment (celebrity impersonators), music, and dancing. Has an all-ages (well, 18 and up), mostly Mexican crowd and is good for dates or groups. Get rowdy with the locals and learn how to dance. Admission includes an open bar and is only US$22. Ninas is located in front of the Convention Center next to "SuperGigante".

Disco Beach: An open-air disco located right on the beach in "La Condesa", next to many bars. The attire and atmosphere is much more casual than the other discos, so you could think of it as an all-you-can-drink bar with dancing. They have foam parties on Fridays!

B & B Disco: Two levels with music mainly from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. B & B is a great place to take a date, has a slightly older crowd, and is a fun place to dance. It is a bit far away for spring-breakers, but it's worth the trip to experience something different.

Pure: Not much information about this new disco/club located in the Diamond Zone (Punta Diamante). Supposedly, it is very large and nice, but lacks the crowds to fill it up.

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