Guide to Acapulco Fine Dining

As I am on a budget in Acapulco, expect reviews in the fine dining category of our restaurants guide to be conducted less frequently than the others. But from what I have seen and heard, the majority of these establishments deserve 4-5 parrots and 4-5 gold.

Baikal Restaurant: Walk down "into the mountain" at Las Brisas and enjoy the decor, a great view, and delicious food. Considered by many to be the best restaurant in Acapulco, Baikal has excellent cuisine, a magical atmostphere, and very long service. Come prepared because it is quite expensive - with wine, plan on spending close to US$100 per person.

El Olvido: Serving international cuisine with a Mexican twist, El Olvido is an open-air restaurant with a romantic view of the bay and Mediterranean decor. La Condesa.

Su Casa: Located in the hills behind the Convention Center overlooking the city, Su Casa has a relaxing atmosphere and serves delicious steak and seafood for reasonable prices. They are also famous for their (rather large) margaritas.

O'Jardim: NOTE: Currently closed - changing locations. If you are adventurous, don't miss this Brazilian restaurant. They serve all-you-can-eat meats on skewers, veggies ands more, with excellent service and a low price of around US$22 per person. Meat lovers only!

Linda Vista: Excellent dining with a lovely view in Las Brisas (next to Seņor Frogs). More affordable than most other restaurants in the area, but with plastic chairs. Superb filet mignon, salads & desserts.

Pampano (formerly Madeiras): One of the best places for fine dining in Acapulco, Pampano is located in Las Brisas and has a spectacular view. They recently celebrated their 25 year anniversary.

La Mansion: Fine dining specializing in steaks cooked at your table. Located on La Costera near the Calinda Beach hotel and Sanborns.

Coyuca 22: NOTE: Currently closed. Located in Caleta (the historical section of Acapulco), Coyuca 22 has possibly the most romantic view in Acapulco. The restaurant is expensive; seafood is the specialty.
Important: The restaurant is only open during the high season (November through April).

El Faro: Seafood restaurant shaped like a lighthouse. Located in front of the El Cano hotel. El Faro is usually not very crowded, but the food and service are excellent.

Suntory: Japanese cuisine. Enjoy their Japanese garden and some of the finest Teppan-yaki, prepared by the chef at your table. Located along the Costera in front of Costa Azul.

Asian Grill: Next to Sky Garden Lounge in Las Brisas with a great view and romantic atmosphere. The food is good but not entirely authentic. Skip the sushi and try the other dishes.

Kookaburra: Located in Las Brisas with a fabulous view, specializing in seafood.

Paradise: Located in La Condesa, Paradise is an established restaurant located right on the beach. Seafood is their specialty, but they have a diverse menu to satisfy many tastes. You can watch the bungy jumpers from your table if you sit upstairs.

Sushi Itto: Sushi in Acapulco! Located near the Cinemark on the Costera near Costa Azul.

Trattoria: Restaurant with an Italian food buffet located in the Fiesta Americana hotel along "La Condesa".

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