Cheap Hotels and Lodging in Acapulco

Most of the hotels in this category should be in the US$50-75 range except during peak season. You can check prices and room availability using the links on each hotel's page. There is lodging in Acapulco for as low as US$25 per night, but if you can afford to pay a bit more, it is money well spent. The cheap hotels on this site are all decent places to stay.

The first four hotels on the list are briefly described below. Use the menu to your right for more detailed information for each hotel and to browse the other categories of our guide.

Featured Hotels

Boca Chica Acapulco Hotel: situated on Playa Caletilla in Las Playas, with a view of Roqueta Island. Ideal for vacationers wanting to spend time in the historical section of Acapulco. Enjoy snorkeling and watersports in the swimming cove (pictured at right).

Hotel Casa Inn Acapulco: a solid choice and a good value for your money. Located near Costa Azul by the beach and close to many conveniences, dining, and clubs.

  Hotel in Acapulco

Capri Suites & Penthouses: you can find cheaper hotels than this one in this section of our directory, but it is a nice hotel with a central location next to the Plaza Bahia Mall.

Las Torres Gemelas: not the cheapest hotel in Acapulco, but a nice place to stay for a decent price (means the "Twin Towers" in English). Located on the beach in La Condesa.