AOL, RoadRunner & Comcast Block Emails from Acapulco

If you normally use an AOL (, RoadRunner (, or Comcast ( email address, or any with an anti-spam filter, please use an alternative email (such as Yahoo or Hotmail) when contacting Acapulco.

Why and How?

As an anti-spam measure, AOL, RoadRunner and Comcast (among others) are blocking all emails originating from Acapulco cable and DSL users (basically everyone). Unfortunately, they have chosen a shotgun approach and are banning all emails originating from cable & DSL Internet users in Acapulco (you can call them to complain...). It used to be possible to bypass this problem by sending emails from webmail accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), but this method doesn't always work for us. Therefore, if you submit an AOL, RoadRunner or Comcast address when contacting us, we probably won't be able to respond to you.

What If I Don't Have Another Email Address?

If you don't have a different email address to use for contacting us, I suggest signing up for a webmail account (like Yahoo or Hotmail). You can also try changing your safety settings in your email program, but this does not seem to work either. (For AOL customers, go to 'safety', 'mail and spam controls', and pull the safety bar to "low".)

Other Considerations

AOL may be blocking other emails you might want to receive. You could also consider turning 'OFF' the 'content filter' and 'words and phrase' filter, however, you will receive more spam. The war against spam involves tradeoffs we all must make. Unfortunately, AOL, RoadRunner and Comcast have considered Acapulco to be an acceptable casualty.