Puerto Marques Beach

Puerto Marques, Beach, Acapulco   Puerto Marques gets my top vote for a lazy afternoon at the beach. If you want a change from the beaches in the Golden Zone, give Puerto Marques a try. The beach is safer for swimming than most other local beaches and you will be in the company of many local families who know that this is a great beach.

There are many nice (and inexpensive) seafood restaurants right on the beach.
Be sure to try the Ceviche and the Pulpo!

Location: From the main strip in Acapulco, take a taxi or bus 15 minutes towards the airport. You will see Puerto Marques after passing over the large hill in Las Brisas (see the photo above). At the bottom of the hill you will come to a traffic light. The beach is a 15 minute walk (or short taxi ride) to your right. If you continue toward the airport away from the city, the next beach will be Revolcadero Beach.

A fabulous hotel located on the hill above Puerto Marques is the Camino Real Acapulco.

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