Condesa Beach

Condesa Beach, Acapulco  

Condesa beach is one of the most popular and most convenient beaches. Many hotels, restaurants, and places to shop are close by. You can go parasailing and rent banana boats and waverunners here.

An army of locals will be at your service to bring you food and beverages of your choice, beach umbrellas, chairs, tatoos, jewelry, massages (ask the price first!), controlled substances, and more.

These constant interruptions basically wreck the experience, so this beach is my least favorite. Of course, if there is a major shift toward Icacos, I expect that the vendors will follow. If you want peace and tranquility and don't mind taking a long taxi ride, try Revolcadero Beach, La Bonfil, or Pie de la Cuesta.

Location: Along the Condesa, naturally. The beaches along the main strip in Acapulco basically run together and share the same plot of sand, however, Condesa Beach is technically located between La Gran Plaza and the bungy. It runs into Hornos Beach to the north and Icacos Beach to the south.

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