The Beaches of Acapulco

Along with the Acapulco nightlife, the beaches of Acapulco are one of the most popular attractions in this Mexican resort city. Some general tips for spending the day at the beach in Mexico are (1) use plenty of sunscreen, (2) the waves are usually dangerous, so be careful swimming or bodysurfing, and (3) always keep an eye on your possessions when at the beach. Our guide includes the most well known beaches with photos on each page.

CAUTION: Stay with your kids at all times when they go in the water. There are no lifeguards, and the waves and currents can be very dangerous!

Caleta Beach: Once the most popular beach in Acapulco, Caleta beach is located in the "old" part of the city. For swimming it is still one of the best in Acapulco, and so it is popular for families with kids (however, please read the warning above). You will be approached by a steady flow of vendors, so do not expect to get much peace and quiet here.

Icacos Beach: Located in front of La Palapa Hotel, Playa Icacos is a favorite beach for vacationers and spring breakers. Parasailing and waverunners are readily available at both Icacos and Condesa Beach.

Condesa Beach: Located in the center of Acapulco Bay, Condesa beach is another popular beach for tourists and locals. Consequently, it is also a favorite spot for a variety of vendors who will be bothering you every 5 minutes. Icacos (above) is better.
  Acapulco Beaches

Puerto Marques: I like this beach, which is also the favorite of many Mexican tourists. Puerto Marques is located along the route to the airport and is 15-20 minute trip by bus from the main strip. The waves are usually fairly calm here. It's a good beach for taking pictures.

Revolcadero Beach: Located by the Princess Hotel near the airport, Playa Revolcadero is a beautiful and relatively private beach. Unless you are staying at Princess, it's a fairly long trip by bus. But if you want to relax at a more exclusive beach, this is your best bet. Eat at the cabanas for lunch.

Pie de la Cuesta: Plan to go here for the day and stay for the sunset. It's another longer trip, this time to the west. The waves can be huge here, so swimming is generally not recommended. There are some good seafood restaurants nearby, and it is a good escape from the busier beaches along the main strip. There is also a lagoon for waterskiing.

La Bonfil: The best waves for surfing (or so I am told - let me know if there is a better place). You can also swim here, but the waves are rather high. La Bonfil is located between Puerto Marques and Revolcadero Beach, so you need to take a little trip to get there. The beach itself is rather peaceful and doesn't have the usual horde of vendors.

Hornos Beach: Closer to the center of town, Hornos beach has calmer waves and is a popular beach for the local population.

Gay Beach: This is actually part of Condesa Beach and is located between Beto's Restaurant (below the Bungy Jump) and the Condesa Hotel. Visit Palapas nearby.