Acapulco Strip Clubs - Tabares

Acapulco has enough strip clubs to form an independant state composed of nothing but strip clubs. If this is what you are looking for, you will be quite happy here. The most well known of these is Tabares. You can't walk more than a block along La Condesa without hearing freelance marketers utter the word "Tabares" or hand out flyers to passers-by.

Once you are inside Tabares, the surreal experience begins. Besides the obvious (dancers), the staff includes "Little People" wearing mining helmets and waitresses on roller skates. Dances are US$20. Next door to Tabares is the after hours club "Kaos" where many of the strippers go when they get of work. Yes, you read that correctly ;)

Location: One Block Away from La Condesa and La Diana

Best Night(s): Weekends, Any

Music: Polka (just kidding)

Layout: Tables, Stage, Back Area

View: Very Nice

Age Range: All

Cover Charge: US$10 (may vary)


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