Privado Acapulco, After-Hours Club

Privado is one of the two most popular after-hours clubs (along with Kaos). If you are partying at one of the discos in Las Brisas and don't mind emptying your wallet (beers are US$6), Privado is an excellent choice. And since you will already be drunk by the time you arrive, you probably won't need to buy too many beers (at least for yourself). It seems to start filling up around 6:00 am and stays open until 12:00 pm. Many of the staff from other bars either go here or to Kaos after work, so if you embarrased yourself earlier in the night you can apologize for your behavior here (unlikely). Good music, a dance floor, and a generally happy crowd make Privado a fun after-hours adventure. Prepare to be greeted by the brutal afternoon sun when you emerge from the club at noon the next day.

Privado, Acapulco   Acapulco Night Clubs

Location: Las Brisas above Mandara

Best Night(s): Saturday, Friday

Music: Techno, Assorted Dance

Layout: Tables, Bar, Standing, Dance Floor

View: Your Fellow Drunks

Age Range: 20's to 40's

Cover Charge: US$6, Sometimes a Special Pass is Required


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