Thai Bar in Acapulco (formerly One Dollar Bar)

One Dollar Bar is Back! well, almost. . .

One Dollar Bar was my favorite bar for many years. After a few attempts at remodelling the bar, they have finally settled on a design very close to the original, which is a good thing. Actually, the new Thai Bar is even more colorful - fountains, a fire-spouting statue, and a more exotic flavor. It retains a large, ovular bar and a dozen or so small tables with umbrellas, the layout of which is conducive to socializing.

Thai Bar is a good choice for several reasons. First, it is very centrally located in La Condesa in the Golden Zone. Second, drinks are only around US$2. Third, they have live music on weekends. The house bands play a good selection of covers of both English and Spanish rock and pop. The bar is open-air and so it can get a little warm, but you will feel the sea breeze if you sit toward the beach side. If you liked One Dollar Bar, you will probably enjoy the new Thai Bar (new photos coming soon).

Thai   One Dollar Bar

Location: La Condesa

Best Night(s): Friday, Saturday

Music: Rock & Roll, Pop, Live on Weekends

Layout: Bar, Barstools, Tables, Umbrellas, Good for Socializing

View: the Beach

Age Range: Mainly 20's & 30's

Cover Charge: Usually None (sometimes you must buy 2 to 4 drink tickets)

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