Mangos Acapulco

Mangos is a safe bet for a good evening (with air conditioning). You can snack on tasty bar food, have a few drinks, and chat or watch music videos. Getting a table or spot at the bar can be a challenge unless you come early on weekends. The waitresses are very nice. Mangos is a good place to go with a group of friends, or to visit before the discos. Oh yeah, they have a free pool table downstairs during the dry season but no one uses it. It's probably the closest thing to a pub in Acapulco, but they don't serve pints or beer on tap.

Mangos, Acapulco   Best, Acapulco Bars

Location: La Condesa

Best Night(s): Saturday, Friday, Thursday

Music: All Kinds, with Videos

Layout: Crowded Tables, Bar

View: the Beach

Age Range: All Ages

Cover Charge: None

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