Barbarroja Acapulco

Barbarroja is an open-air bar in La Condesa near the bungy. It is superbly decorated as a giant PIRATE ship and is crewed by waiters and bartenders in pirate attire. Of all the bars in Acapulco, Barbarroja has one of the largest gringo-to-Mexican ratios, so if you don't feel like testing out your Spanish, you can probably find someone to chat with here.

I'm not too fond of the synchronized dancing to the Mexican version of Achy Breaky Heart which they play every night, or their occasional unfounded "golden rope" (complete with attitude), but I really like the decor. Barbarroja also serves food (steak and seafood),and you can enjoy the view of the bay while dining.

Barbarroja, Acapulco   Pirate Ship

Location: La Condesa

Best Night(s): Friday, Saturday

Music: Pop (Mexican and Western), Dance

Layout: Tables, Bar

View: the Beach

Age Range: 20's to 80's

Cover Charge: Usually None


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