Baby Lobster Bar Acapulco

Baby Lobster Bar is conveniently located in La Condesa along La Costera near many other bars, Golden Zone hotels, and the Bungy. It's an open-air bar on the beach and is a lot of fun. The bar is popular with people on vacation from other parts of Mexico, the bartenders are friendly, and it's easier than most places to meet new people. Drinks are US$5-6 for two (you can't order just one). Baby Lobster Bar can get quite loud, and you will usually find people dancing on the table near the bar. At least stop by for a drink (well, two), and if you get sucked into the festivities, all the better.

Baby Lobster, Bar   Acapulco Bars

Location: La Condesa

Best Night(s): Friday, Saturday

Music: Mexican Artists, Dance

Layout: Tables, Bar, Good for Mingling

View: the Beach

Age Range: Mainly 20's & 30's

Cover Charge: None, Except Holidays (US$6-12 including 2-4 drinks)


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