The Best Acapulco Bars

This guide to the best bars in Acapulco is broken down into several categories with brief reviews of each bar. Most taxi drivers should be familiar with all of these by name. I will also add them to the Acapulco Map soon. One way to experience the Acapulco nightlife is to start at one of the many bars along La Condesa and from there take a taxi to a disco.

NOTE: A new phenomenon which is springing up in Acapulco is the small, air-conditioned bar. I will call these "House" bars (see category below).

General Bars in Acapulco

Classico del Mar: Open-air bar/club/lounge with another level that opens during peak times. It has a beautiful view, tasty appetizers, and is one of the most popular/crowded hotspots. Be prepared to buy a bottle or two to get a table; otherwise you may feel out of place. Located near Las Brisas before you get to Palladium (coming from La Costera).

Acapulco Bars   Mangos: An all-around good choice with air conditioning, good food, drinks, music videos, and a 20 to 40-something crowd. It can be difficult to get a table or spot at the bar unless you come early (10-11:00 pm), and it usually quite crowded. Very nice waitresses. Good place to go to chat with friends over drinks. Acapulco does not seem to have pubs, so Mangos is probably the closest you will get to a pub. La Condesa.

Mojito: La Condesa. Mojito (formerly Bombay) has a semi-tropical atmosphere, and features a house band that plays Cuban music. Dancing, live music & air conditioning. Cover charge.

Thai Bar: One Dollar Bar is back! The newly-remodelled bar, now with a more exotic theme, has been renamed Thai bar. It is still one of the best places to meet people, and on weekends, house bands play a mix of English & Spanish rock & pop. Above Disco Beach

Zydeco: A touch of New Orleans in Acapulco. Located close to La Diana in front of Galerias Diana. Cajun food and live rock (house band, covers) on weekends!

Siboney: Exquisite atmosphere with a great view, located in Las Brisas near Palladium, Privado, Mandara and Zucca. It is an enchanting and very romantic piano bar and has an older crowd (30's and 40's on up). The service is first class.

Barbarroja: One of the first bars you will notice on La Condesa. An open air bar with cool decor (a PIRATE ship), and a slightly older crowd / more gringos than most other bars.

Baby Lobster Bar: You need to at least stop by to check it out. It's an open-air bar in La Condesa with fun music, cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, and people dancing on the bar. It's quite loud when you factor in the guy with the whistle and the one with the microphone, but the layout is the most conducive for meeting new people in Acapulco.

La Crisis: A small, dark bar with cheap drinks, tiny chairs, and loud live rock & roll on weekends. Up the stairs between Señor Frogs (the store) and Marti on La Condesa.

El Circulo: Another local hangout, dark and smokey, with a cover band that plays rock/pop. Situated on a side street across the street from Plaza Bahia (headed away from the beach, on your left).

Celebration: Near Baby'O. Dimly-lit, multi-tiered lounge with a small dance floor. Electronica. Cover charge, but bottles are suprisingly inexpensive. Atmosphere is a bit like Kaos.

Paradise: La Condesa. If a cruise ship is in port, they will usually come here. Open air & dancing - the standard beach-tourist-bar. Don't open a tab - better to pay as you go.

Libido: Located next to Baby-O Disco, Libido has two levels. It's a good pre-party destination before hitting the discos. Upstairs there's a small bar and a pool table.

El Rodeo: El Rodeo is a cross between an English or Irish pub and a Texas saloon. They have two pool tables, darts, and a jukebox. It's usually not to crowded, but it's good, cheap, laid-back fun. Located across from Planet Hollywood near the Convention Center.

House Bars

La Esquina: Past Wal-Mart on the way to Palladium, etc. on your left at the curve at the bottom of the hill. It's like a smaller, more "hip" Mangos.

Punto: Located in front of the convention center on La Costera. Small but popular.

House Night: Located by La Diana just up from "Chicas", across from Mega Commercial. Cozy and cheap! A good pre-party stepping stone for La Condesa or the discos.

Level: In front of Fiesta Americana on La Costera. Nice atmosphere.

Tequi Sol: Near Punto in front of the convention center.

Canta (Karaoke) Bars

La Cantada: Above La Esquina (see above). Nice, friendly atmosphere, good service, some decent singers.

Acapella: Near Baby'O, this is another very popular "canta bar". It's dark, so you can hide in the shadows if you want.

After Hours Clubs (6:00 am - ?)

Kaos: Located next to Tabares (see Strip Clubs below), it's where partygoers go after they've gotten off work. Good music and cheap beers, but slightly dangerous if you're plastered before you get there (which you probably will be, all things considered).

Privado: Exclusive after-hours club frequently requiring a special pass to enter. Meet the "right" people at the previous disco and score some passes. I'm not too crazy about this concept, but it's cozy and nice (and expensive). Located in Las Brisas above Mandara.


Sky Garden: Next to Zucca and Linda Vista. A very ritzy lounge with "beautiful people" and a great view of the bay. Highly recommended by WillieBeeman from our forum ;¬)

Ibiza Lounge: Next to Disco Beach. Cozy seating on couches, dimly lit atmosphere with air conditioning inside or cushioned tents on the beach! The music is a little on the loud side for a lounge. More private than most places on La Condesa.

Zuntra: A classy, open-air bar/lounge located near Palladium overlooking the bay. Relax on a sofa with pretty landscaping and enjoy appetizers and martinis. Best for couples.

Country Bars

Furia Cafe: La Diana on the top floor of the giant parking garage. "Musica Grupera & Banda". Sort of an adventure, so be on your good behavior there.

New West: Located in La Sinfonía by La Quebrada, it's a bit of a journey from the main hotel strip. The closest thing I've found to a country bar, with cheap beers, dancing, and usually no other gringos. Drink with the rancheros, watch bullfights on the TV, and grab yourself a gordita! Don't get too rowdy or your return trip might not be too pleasant. Bring your cowboy hat. (NOTE: The building burnt down, but they did a good job rebuilding it.)

Familiar Bars in Acapulco

Carlos & Charlie's: Popular bar if you like the "familiar". Located in La Condesa. Food.

Señor Frogs: Located in Las Brisas with a view, it's otherwise expensive and lame. Food.

Hooters: Familiar sports bar. Very bad wings. 95% male crowd. Located on La Costera.

Gay Bars (reviews forthcoming)

Demas: Disco bar. Behind Office Max on La Condesa. Shows on weekends. Men only.

Savage: Upscale show bar / transvestites (below Demas). Mainly couples: men & women.

Picante: Disco Bar. Located in La Condesa behind Carlos & Charlie's.

La Vida en Rosa: A small gay bar with food located near Picante.

Strip Clubs in Acapulco

Tabares: The most well known of the many strip clubs in Acapulco. A surreal experience from the moment you enter, the staff includes "Little People" wearing mining helmets and waitresses on roller skates. Need I say more? Oh yeah, US$20 dances.

Girls Girls Girls ("Chicas"): Just down the street from Tabares up from the La Diana circle. Same owners as Tabares; the next best thing to Tabares, maybe a more cozy atmosphere.

Foxy's: On one side of Plaza Bahia, back by the beach. Same owners as Tabares; the next best thing to Chicas (see above).

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