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Skycoaster, Acapulco, Thrills   The Skycoaster is a giant swing, located on the beach near the giant balloon. It's sort of a "bungy-lite", so if you are afraid of the bungy and don't want to be a total coward in front of your friends, you can take a ride of the skycoaster. It's also less expensive than the bungy, and they can strap together up to three people on the swing.

Rides on the Skycoaster cost US$15 for one person, US$25 for two people, and US$30 for three people at a time.

Location: On the main strip of the beach, toward the south end in front of Costa Azul, next to the Balloon. The Skycoaster is located inside of Cici water park, but you do not have to purchase a pass for the park in order to use it.

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