Parasailing in Acapulco

Parasailing, Acapulco, Activities   Parasailing in Acapulco comes with a great view of the Acapulco bay, and is my top-ranked thrill on the activities page. They are also fun to watch if you are just relaxing on the beach.

Parasailing rides should only cost you US$20, which is a pretty good deal compared to other activities on the beach (except other favorites such as swimming, tanning, and sleeping off your hangover).

Location: Go to Condesa beach and look up (the main beach has many different names, but is basically one giant stretch of sand). There is usually at least one person in the air at any given moment. During spring break, it can be difficult to reserve a ride.

Thinking about purchasing a parasail in Acapulco for commercial purposes?
You can get excellent prices, service, and training at Acapulco Beach Parasails.

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