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Bungy, Jumping, Acapulco, Thrills   I admit it. I am a coward. I am also afraid of spiders. If you have the courage to try bungy jumping, or are a veteran wanting to carve another notch in your bungy belt, you will probably have a memorable experience at Acapulco's only bungy jump.

For an extra head rush, try it upside down or with a friend (on New Year's Eve 2004 there was a couple who jumped together. . . upside down. . . at the stroke of midnight).

One jump costs US$50 (includes a special T-shirt), with better deals on subsequent jumps. A set of pictures or a video of your jump are US$20 extra.

Location: Right on the beach at La Condesa, near the mains strip of bars. You can't miss it. There is usually a crowd on the sidewalk below, ready to take your loose change (just kidding about that last part).

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